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Strategic SaaS
Design & Research


 +8 years helping tech companies  become the go-to solution in the market 

Expert in designing user centric SaaS solutions to maximize users performance with simple, efficient and easy to use automated processes.


James Birch

Development Director at Ki

"She was a fantastic colleague,

well-loved member of the team and delivered high quality work."


Johnny Bridges

Founder at Artificial Labs

"Her ideas are bold and refreshing, in our case, suggesting more efficient methods for various Lloyd’s market participants "


Charly Fellerman

Innovation & Strategy at Brit

"Maria has exceptional design skills, is a clear communicator and distils concepts into tangible output at a breakneck pace!"

These are some of the companies that have trusted me and my work:




A deep review of your current website, app, web-app, branding or social media so we can create an actionable plan to improve your online presence and this way raise the engagement and obtain results.

advanced product design

Oriented to mature projects with a more stablished team and a defined roadmap that search for an expert with a strong background to work on the Product Design. My designs are user-centric, responsive and accessible. 

design boost
for startups

The perfect bundle for startups that want a solid design base for their products. It includes basic research, branding kit, web, graphic and UI&UX design of the main features and creation of a Design System.


These are the projects I've been working on during the last couple years. I will be adding more soon.


Artificial Labs Product Design

Artificial Labs has rapidly become a driving force in shaping the future of Insurtech. With a founding of US$ 11.6M, their commitment to redefining industry standards has garnered widespread recognition, and they are proud recipients of prestigious awards that underscore their dedication to excellence in product design, user experience, and technological innovation. Their products ease the daily work of brokers and underwriters by helping them automate repetitive processes, digitalize manual tasks, scrap data from files and make better decisions.

#Web-app #ProductDesign #SaaS #Insurtech  #No-coded #UnicornStartup


Ki Product Design

Ki Insurance is the first fully digital and algorithmically-driven Lloyd’s of London syndicate. Ki raised USD 500 million of committed capital becoming the Unicorn Startup of UK in 2020, and won the Digital Insurance Award at the National Insurance Awards 2021. It started as an innovation project from its father company, Brit, to digitize, automate and reduce massively the amount of time that it takes to brokers and underwriters to process quotes for risks. Ki's platform is considered the future of Insurtech. Learn more about Ki here.

#Web-app #ProductDesign #SaaS #Insurtech #UnicornStartup


Brit Insurance Product Design

Brit is an international general insurance and reinsurance group specialising in commercial insurance. It's the biggest Insurance Company of Lloyd's of London, an entity that manages the insurance market in UK.

Their innovation department has been developing several projects all focus on improving and modernizing the insurance market. Appia is one of those projects. It's a files management platform for Underwriters that allows them to speed up the pricing process for risk quotes. I designed all the UX&UI for them as well as a navigable prototype.

#Web #App #WebApp #ProductDesign #UIUX #SaaS #Insurtech #Spain



Here you can see some of my selected side-projects. From branding to responsive websites, mobile apps, web-apps or graphic edition, you will find a variety of fields such as Retail, Cryptos or Real Estate.


Concept & Web

RENDEX is a personal project which intends to offer 3D interior design renovation proposals to Realtors so they can help their clients see their potential and increase sales.

#Branding #ProductDesign #UIUX #Web #RealEstate #3D #InteriorDesign


Branding & UI/UX

Crypok is a new app for buying and selling cryptocurrencies in an easy and smart way. They have really useful features. I did the branding and the UI&UX Design for them.

#Branding #ProductDesign #UIUX #App #SaaS #Cryptos #Spain


Design Case

Abacus is a Spanish stationery shop. They needed an app for tablet so their employees could manage online orders before the clients or courier would get to the establishment.

#Branding #WebDesign #SaaS #LastMileDelivery #Germany


Hello! My name is María Solá. I am a Product Designer & Researcher with 8+ years of experience helping Unicorn Startups create and curate their SaaS products to become the go-to solution in their markets. From B2B, B2C to B2B2C, my expertise is on the Insurtech, Fintech, Data Visualization and AI fields. Although I am open to explore other areas, to name some: Health Care or Real State.

I have a background in UI&UX Design, Research, Web development, Graphic Edition and Marketing. I’m familiar with Agile methods and the use of Collaborative Platforms at work. I am a master when it comes to creating practical solutions that please both: the Business goals and the Users needs, while using the available resources in terms of team, budget and time. I understand the production process, the business decisions behind and the technical side, which makes my communication with all the departments fluid and effective.

In my career I've successfully worked on big data innovation projects with complex technical challenges; managed projects from start to finish; lead teams fully remote; done the Research, Briefing, Roadmap planning, UI&UX Design, Prototyping, Testing and Iteration based on collected data; designed web-apps, apps, websites, brand identities…etc. I also keep myself up to date in terms of design principles, work tools releases and team collaboration workflows.

I find excitement in solving complex problems so thousands or millions of people can enjoy a better experience and save time on repetitive daily tasks. 

My designs are User-centric, Responsive and Accessible. I strongly believe in Research, Design Systems and Automated Processes. Time & data are the new gold! 


AI and Chat GPT seem to be taking over everyone's job. But as Products Designers we must remember that they are just tools to help us do a better job, not to replace us. The human touch is unique and will be always needed. There is nothing to fear.

María Solá
About me

I find fascinating to learn everything about complex markets, identify the pain points, design solutions and break them down into something visual and usable so thousands of people can enjoy a better experience in daily repetitive tasks.



Check what my customers have to say about my work so you know what to expect from it.


Founder at Artificial Labs

María has consistently demonstrated she has the innate ability to easily identify user needs through qualitative and quantitative research and interviews, ideate potential solutions to these opportunities and refine them into proposed future states for a product.

Her ideas are bold and refreshing, in our case, suggesting more efficient methods for various Lloyd’s market participants to interact using our product in new ways. It was great to see her bring these innovations to life as an integral part of our wider team.

I would highly recommend María and look forward to working with her again soon.


Innovation & Strategy at Brit

Maria has exceptional design skills, is a clear communicator and distils concepts into tangible output at a breakneck pace! Such an enjoyable month working together. I highly recommend her work.

Marco Volk

Co-founder at Bringz

Maria helped our company in creating the firms online presence. She was from the beginning until the end a fantastic partner. Her strategic approach, detailed oriented working style and problem solving attitude has been a great asset during the entire project. Her utmost professional working behavior made her a trusted and valued advisor to our firm.


Business Dev. Lead at Artificial Labs

Maria and I worked together on a highly innovative insurance project where Maria's deep insurance experience and knowledge were evident in every interaction we had. The quality of Maria's work was exceptionally high and the speed and accuracy with which design feedback was incorporated was outstanding.


Development Director at Ki Insurance

Maria led the product and brand design for Ki from inception to Growth-Stage over a year period. She was a fantastic colleague, well-loved member of the team and delivered high quality work. She will be sorely missed and Ki won’t be the same without her. I would highly recommend!


Co-founder at Coverfy

María is a creative, reliable and highly motivated professional, with a solid background in Design, UX and building digital products. She combines all this with a great capacity to learn and adapt to new challenges. It was a pleasure to work with her and I highly recommend her for any project or team.


Product Manager at Artificial Labs

Maria was a pleasure to work with during her time at Artificial. She brought a wealth of Design and Insurance expertise to the our Product development through not only following requirements and user stories shared with her, but going the extra mile and illustrating other ways to solve problems.


Her deliverables were always to a high standards while always guaranteed to be on time. I would definitely work with her again!


Founder & Partner at SeedRocket

María is a remarkable Product Designer with a strong expertise in SaaS products. She is professional, committed, creative and proactive. She always goes one step ahead problems and brings simple and effective solutions that please both customer’s needs and business goals. I would have her on my team again with no doubt.

Julia Mastikhina

PO at Banco Sabadell

I’ve had the pleasure of working with María at Coverfy. During that time she proved her skills as Head of Design. She is up to date in her field, organized, quick and very creative. When facing a project she works from a holistic approach and at the same time she has the capacity of thinking about the smallest details. 


In this competitive world we need to stand out from the crowd. So here you have some of my added values that will make your experience working with me different from the rest.

Business oriented

As a Product Designer I always aim for  the best UI&UX Design and early prototypes in order to test and iterate the product/service asap. So when it comes to bring solutions to please the clients needs and the business goals, I know how to make the best decisions.


Having a multidisciplinary background and a global vision, has allowed me to work with cutting edge companies full of amazing professionals and run a variety of cool projects. My work is based in real experiences, that's what I know I can face any challenge.

Personalized service

Every business is different. That's why before starting to work, I make sure to fully understand your product/service, brand and vision. This way I can create a personalized briefing and roadmap for you based on your target, needs, goals and existing resources.

Efficiency & communication

Time is money. So we should use it wisely. That's why I strongly believe in Research, Smart Tools, Design Systems and Automated Processes. I also like to use async communication systems and collaborative platforms so the info stays updated and organized.

 When I asked my clients for feedback the 100% agreed on this. 

María had a good understanding of the business and the project's needs.

María was professional and proactive

during the entire process.

While working with María I felt listened, excited and in good hands.

Do you want to be the next author of a

successful business story?

Then contact me right now! 

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