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A part of being a Product Designer, I am an Interior Architect. I've never professionally worked as such but I have the knowledge, skills and passion to do any interior design project. During my life I've fantasized with designing or refurbishing several properties. Finally that they came alive when I designed and built my very first own house. Then I got into the Real Estate itch and I started looking into buying a small flat in Barcelona. I would come across cluttered houses and poor quality non-promising pictures. Some of them would add a small distribution plan with basic measures. Then I would use my 3D tool and from night to day I would create at least one distribution with a full nicely decorated house. High quality renders of what a property could become with some inspiration and love. That's the moment I realized there was a gap in the Real Estate market. 

The story of RENDEX:
from a personal frustration
to a business opportunity

Concept, Brand & Web Design

My idea was to develop the whole idea of this business in which I would offer Realtors a service to create high definition renders in a matter of days, with a renovation proposal for their properties so they could show their clients the potential and this way close more sells. I managed to define all the content, design the brand and create the landing page and its content in 3 days.

Real Estate companies and Freelance agents who want to offer extra value to their clients and show enhance the potential of their listings.


To create a landing page in which is clear what is the service about, for who is it addressed, what are the steps and the price options.

All the renders that appear in the website are in fact my very own designs.


Finding the best words so people who are not familiar with 3D designs and renders could understand the whole service and process.

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