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 Increase your Sales with

an outstanding Website 

If you are an Entrepreneur, a Freelancer, a Professional of any kind, or you own a Digital or a Physical Business, social media can be really helpful, but it's not enough.


You also need a Professional Website to show in a visual, engaging and structured way all that you have to offer, while you build authority, trust and reputation for your Brand.


This allows you to reach a bigger audience by driving organic FREE traffic from the Google when you rank in their search engine.

Before we start!

Is this you?

Business Owner

 or Freelance

Doctors, surgeons, therapists,  chefs, musicians, artists, traders, real state agents...etc.

or Networker

Coaches, speakers, network marketing leaders, working mums, teachers...etc.

Online Business Owner-Icon.png
Business Owner

Shops online through

e-commerces, market places, facebook or instagram.

Phyisical Business Owner-Icon.png
Business Owner

Shops (clothing, shoes, jewelry, stationaries...), restaurants, hotels, SPAs, nailbars...etc.

or Company

Mobile apps, web-apps, online services, SaaS products, Non profitable organizations...etc.

Do you know what freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners have in common? They don't have time to learn how to do "the digital stuff" (and actually do it).


Why? Because they have work to do, skills to improve, clients to attend and taxes to pay!

When you are good at what you do, you should only care about becoming an expert. Right?


Well... yes if you are doing so good already that you can pay other people to take care of your business. But if you are an entrepreneur and you are starting a business from scratch with a limited budget then the last thing you want is to waste your money, time and effort.


That's why it's more clever to delegate these important things to professionals, like your online presence, so you make sure that everything is done faster and better for you.

 you MUST 


Nowadays it's not enough to exist on the Internet. You need to stand out from the crowd. It's actually easier to be different than it is to be better and this comes down to what you offer, who you offer it to ie.. your Niche and how you engage with your specific audience.


And, how do you do that you may ask? With a stunning website!


This is Mika, my new intern. She gets distracted with a fly (literally), but she gives the best design feedback with her tail wag!

Hi there!

I'm María!

Digital Product Designer

& Business Optimization Expert

For the last 6 years I've been working with world class entrepreneurs and business owners around the world to design their brands, build and launch their successful products and services in record time, and grow their business by optimizing their online presence and implementing more efficient work systems.

From B2B/B2C complex projects, to startups, local businesses or professionals of any kind. My clients are really different, as well as their products, services, audience, problems, needs and goals.

And through creating customized designs for each one of them, I've discovered the subtle nuances that make a BIG difference in the success of their sites, apps and brands that thrive vs. those that crumble in the dust.

That's why I ended up working for some of the

Top Startups in Europe to help them do the same

These are some of the companies that have trusted me and my work:

And I've not only been working on different projects I've also been building my own business as a Professional Digital Product Designer & Business Optimization Expert.

And through it all, here is the most important discovery I can share with you...

If you want to increase your sales, you need a Professional Website

Here is a fact: big companies invest at least 10% of their annual budget on SEO. Why no more? Because they don't need it! Apple, Netflix, Amazon... They are well known already thanks to years of building a strong brand.


But if you have a small-medium business, YOU NEED SEO!

If you are a professional (doctor, surgeon, therapist, nutritionist, trainer, lawyer...), a freelancer (designer, chef, artist, musician...), an entrepreneur (coach, network marketer, motivational speaker, community leader, story teller...) or you own a business (physical or online), having a social media account can be really beneficial. Platforms like Instagram or Facebook allows us to move our brand on a daily basis, interact with potential clients, get feedback from our products or services and even sell them through the apps.


But still, you need to know these 3 facts:

1. Not everyone is on the social media platforms that you use for your business. Because of their personality or age range, some of your potential clients will never find you there.

2. Everyday more people opt out from platforms like Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp due to their new abusive Privacy Policies. That means that there is even less people to reach there.

3. Google is the most popular search engine with a 92% market share. This means that YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO BE FOUND IN GOOGLE. And for this, you need a website or e-commerce store to build SEO and to be able to rank in the search results. 

Build brand reputation and authority,

reach more potential clients and increase your sales by having a Professional Website

Let's see a practical example so you can understand the power of existing on

the Google Search results list thanks to building SEO with a Professional Website.

Online Shopping
Bouquet of Flowers

Ricardo wants to buy some flowers for his mom. Due to the covid situation, he hasn't been able to visit her in weeks. So he wants to let her know how much he loves her and cares about her by gifting his mom some beautiful flowers.

He wants to buy flowers on a local shop so they can ship them to his mom's house quicker. So he goes to Google and looks for "flower shops close to me".


There are several results, but two of them catch his attention. Both are very similar and located in the same street. They both have a big variety of good quality flowers, delivery service, custom bucket design service, seasonal offers...etc. But there are some big differences in the way the owners manage their shops...

SHOP 1 😄


This physical flowers shop has:

  1. ✅ Understandable and catchy Name

  2. ✅ Recognizable Logo and Colors

  3. ✅ Good Rating in Google Business

  4. ✅ Lots of Reviews

  5. ✅ Lots of Pictures from the Owner and Clients

  6. ✅ Clear Location (address)

  7. ✅ Clear Opening days and hours

  8. ✅ Visible Contact Details

  9. ✅ Link to the Website

  10. ✅ Professional Website that shows all the products, services and offers, process online orders and allows the client to organize deliveries and even customized messages

  11. Instagram and Facebook accounts where they share beautiful and informative content and they answer messages nicely and often

SHOP 2 😕


This physical flowers shop has:

  1. ❌ Name difficult to read and remember

  2. ❌ Messy Logo and Colors

  3. ✅ Good Rating in Google Business

  4. No Reviews

  5.  A few random Pictures from Clients

  6. ✅ Clear Location (address)

  7.  No Clear Opening days and hours

  8. ✅ Visible Contact Details

  9. No Website

  10. No Online Shopping

  11. Instagram and Facebook accounts but they never updated them or interact with clients

After reading this, do I still have to tell you which Shop Ricardo chose? 

No, right? It's obvious! He chose the first shop!

Two similar businesses can succeed or fail depending on how they perform online

It's not only the better branding, the pictures, the reviews, the opening hours... but the facilities that this shop offers because of having a Website (E-commerce in this case), that allows their customers to check all their services, see their stock, pay online and get a quick response through different channels.

So now that you got the whole point of this example about how

two similar businesses can succeed or fail depending on how they perform online, 



92% of people use google to search things online.

that's why you need seo! and a well designed website that google loves to rank.

​Why it's not enough to just have Social Media

Instagram and Facebook are really powerful tools. But if you want to reach a bigger audience and be found easily on Google, you need a web to build SEO.

Social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook are great to move your brand, engage your clients, stay active on a daily basis to gain visibility by interacting with your community, even to sell products or services through them...etc. But the truth is that not everyone is on Instagram or Facebook (especially now that the Privacy Laws are starting to get dodgy) and that their search engines are not really good.

Let's say that we just arrived in Bali, it's 7am, and we want to have breakfast on a vegan place or with vegan options, and with more than 4 stars reviews. What do we do? We go to Google and we type "Breakfast vegan Bali". Then we check on Google Maps what are the options closer to us and we filter by "open now" and  "4+ stars". Right? That easy! Why? Because Google has the biggest data base on the planet (92% market share) and the best search engine to bring you accurate results. That's why millions of people use it everyday to find results from really general subjects to really specific matters.

Now that it's clear how powerful Google is, let's talk about websites and SEO. As I guess you know, SEO it's something organic. Does instagram accounts get indexed in Google? Yes. Does the results show instagram accounts? Only if the person typed "instagram" on the search or a user profile name. If not, it's like if our account doesn't exists for Google. So having a website gives us the possibility to build SEO to position our business on the ranking of search results. But of course, it doesn't happen from one day to another. It takes time, visits and a really good setup of accurate words and good practices to make your website appear on the first page of results, specially if the terms typed are more general like "SPA Bali". There is hundreds of places in Bali for massages! Then, what makes a place more visible and trusty than other one? Appear on the first page of Google results, have a complete description, good pictures, good reviews, accurate location and schedule, show the contact information and the link to their website. See? WEBSITE! If a client clicks on the link and sees a slick website with nice images, a well structured menu, all the information that he/she might be looking for, the option to see the web in a language they know and the possibility to contact the establishment straight away or even book or buy whatever they want through the site, the user experience will be much better and the sale will be much easier. Why? Because by having a professional website we are building trust, credibility, reputation. 

Think about this. You see 3 Coaches on instagram that you feel like contacting to hire their services. They all look reliable and they have the same amount of followers. But, the first one doesn't have a website, the second one has a very cheap and clumsy website, and the third one has a professional, beautiful and well organized website with all the offers explained, buttons to purchase and much more.


Who would cause a better impression to you? I will read your mind now. The third one, right? You know why? Because it's a psychological game: "If someone takes care of their own image and business, they will take care of me".


If they took the time to work on their brand, their image, their message, their social media and their website, they will take care of me. They will offer me a good experience, because they care about their reputation.

Recycled Paper

"it's hard to work this out all on your own."

Let me take care of your Business Online Presence to bring you better results and faster.


Why work with me?

This is what you need to know about me:

  • I have a business oriented mindset so I am a good decision maker in terms of budget investment to make sure that the business grows and scales efficiently without going crazy on expenses.

  • I've worked on tonnes of digital projects before so I have a holistic vision of the business and I know how to identify the business goals and the customer needs and please both of them.

  • I have experience running projects from start to finish, so I know how to organize information, prevent frustrations and deal with unexpected issues, and prioritize tasks while I still take care of details that will add value to the business.

  • I have years of experience in Digital Product Design so I know what the latest trends are and the best UI&UX Design practices are that still apply today.

  • I have a masters on Design Research so I know how to save time, money and effort by finding a niche and creating "personas" in order to address the brand, products, services and messages to the right audience and through the right channels.

  • I know the ins and outs of the platforms that I use to build Websites and E-commerce websites so I can set them up faster and use some strategies to boost the business that most  people don't know about.

  • I have a background in web development (coding) so I can make little fixes to ensure you have the best responsive design for your website.

  • I am familiar with SEO best practices so I know how to find the best key-words and what kind of texts to put, where, how long they should be...etc.

  • I have a background in Graphic Edition and Branding so I can design your brand, merchandising, edit pictures, create mockups, design illustrations and icons for your project.

This is what you get if you work with me.

Here are some of my main services when it comes to web/e-commerce design:

Design Research

Professional Web Design & Setup

Selection of Theme, installation and customization

Upload and setup of the visual and written content 

Responsive design (desktop/mobile)

Graphic content creation/edition (icons, mockups, pictures)

Creation of the pages agreed on

Integration of social media

Domain connection/transfer/purchase

Email connection (if needed)

Payment connection (if needed)

SEO basic setup

Here you have some examples of the websites I designed for my clients.

What can I do for you?

Get to know all my services

These are some of my main services:

  • Branding

  • Web Design & Setup

  • E-commerce Design & Setup

  • Mobile & Desktop App Design (UI/UX and prototypes)

  • Graphic content creation/edition

  • Business orientation sessions

  • Design consultation session

Who is this for?

Let's see if my services fit your needs

Every business owner is different... just like their vision, dream, goals, needs, deadlines and budget. That's why I like to make sure that I can do what they are asking for.

When it comes to starting a business, there are 3 types of profiles and you will fit one of them:

1. The Investigator. You have an idea of what you want to do. You just need some mentoring to make sure that it's viable and profitable and how much work it will take to make it happen. This type of person needs a Business Consultation Session to determine the main briefing of the project and the next steps.

2. The Constructionist. You have a clear idea of what you want to do and what needs to be done for your project. You just need to organize a budget. To this person I always recommend a Vision Session to find the real purpose of the project that will bring a new motivation to collect that budget.

3. The Rocket Pilot. You have the idea, the budget and you are really committed with the project. You just need a designer to materialize your idea and launch your business. This is the perfect moment for a Discovery Call where we talk about the project, we check all the things that have been made so far and what still needs to be done. Then I analyze it and I send back a quote for my services on the project.

Which one are you?

What do my clients have to say about my work?

Dr. Jorge Iranzo

Gynecologist and Obstetric

María is an amazing professional. She knew exactly what I needed to boost my consulting room and reach a bigger audience through Google. She took care of the branding, the web design & set up, the structure of the information and the SEO. She was agile in communications and quick in delivery. I highly recommend her work to other professionals that want to enrich their online presence.

Marta Buigues

Manager at Mote Surfstay

Our hotel's website was old fashioned. María designed a brand new web where she beautifully showed the most relevant information about the hotel, the services and Bali. We are happy to say that we have received lots of direct bookings through the web. She did a great job!

Marco Volk

Co-Founder at Bringz

Maria helped our company in creating the firms online presence. She was from the beginning until the end a fantastic partner. Her strategic approach, detailed oriented working style and problem solving attitude has been a great asset during the entire project. Her utmost professional working behavior made her a trusted and valued advisor to our firm.

 When I asked my clients for feedback they 100% agreed on this. 

María had a good understanding of the business and the project's needs.

María was professional and proactive

during the entire process.

While working with María I felt listened to, excited and in good hands.

Do you want to be the next author of a

successful business story?

 Then contact me right now! 


And I've not only been working on different projects as a Professional Digital Product Designer & Business Optimization Expert, but also I've been building my own business to be able to deliver my knowledge to others in the most efficient, simple and practical way possible, so entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners can build their own products or services online, from scratch, in record time and with the minimum investment.


I'm happy to announce that my online course will see the light during the next few months!

Sign up in the waiting list for my online course!

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