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The project

After working two years for Coverfy, I decided as their Head of Design that it was time for a new look.

Because since the company was founded and the brand was designed, it never suffered modifications, so it was getting "old fashioned". We were growing, changing and improving and so shoulded do its brand and the visual way the company comunicates with the users.

What was the goal?
To get a more friendly, simple, fresh and neutral brand without loosing the focus in our main values: simplicity & transparency; and neither our main target: adult men; but at the same time trying to get to a new public such us young spanish men and women (25-30).

How did we get it?
Rebranding without drama is possible. In this case I focused myself on the following key points:

  • Improving the logo whithout making drastic changes.

  • Choosing a new font-family more according to the new design.

  • Finding a new color palette.

  • Using new images for compaigns, more clean and simple.

Before & After

This is the result of the rebranding for Coverfy:

The logo

By correcting the shape of the isotype, the size, space and distance between every item and by puting the first letter of "Coverfy" as a capital letter, we got a new logo.


The isotype

As you can see it hasn't changed. We wanted it to keep being familiar to the current users but now is more atractive visually thanks to a simple geometric correction.


The color palette

More neutral, bright and easy to integrate with white texts, but at the same time respecting the "coral red" main color by picking one similar but more vibrant.


The font-family

I picked one more bold and heavy to give the brand a powerful and strong new character.


The images

Banners for marketing campaigns in different platforms and social media needed a new vibe too. So I picked new images oriented to a more young, human and accessible target. The copies and the way you talk to the user it's important too, so I gave them an informal touch. And referring to devices images, switching them for plain color devices instead of real picture ones it was an easy and resolutive option to say out loud that we are available for different operative systems without getting strings attached to specific device models or smartphones brands.

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